Fully Funded: Sainted Love Kickstarter

Vault Team
Vault Team
Fully Funded: Sainted Love Kickstarter
SAINTED LOVE: A gay science-fiction adventure comic

From the creative minds of Steve Orlando and Giopota comes a sexy time-travel romance too powerful to be contained to a single era!


Update 1 (+2 Hours after launch): We are FULLY FUNDED!

Thank you to every single person who backed Sainted Love today; you helped us fund within the first TWO HOURS OF LAUNCH, what an amazing achievement and testament to the work of team Steve, Gio, Rosh and Simon. We cannot thank you enough for your love and support of this creator-owned comic.

UPDATE 2 (+6 hours after launch): $7,500 Funded + Stretch Goal #1 Unlocked: A Gold Foil will be added to every Kickstarter Edition Book
UPDATE 3 (+12 hours after launch): We've DOUBLED our initial funding goal - thank you!

Follow here for live updates: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/vault-comics/sainted-love


New York City, 1907. Malcolm "Mac" Irina is the greatest inventor the world’s never heard of, and his lover, John Wolf, is the toughest fighter in the world of underground boxing.

Despite their love, they are forced to keep their relationship a secret due to fear of reprisals. When Irina's lab is raided by members of a shadowy organization known as The Pilgrims, the pair escapes through Irina's newest untested invention--a time machine. But where have they ended up?!

Can the two lost lovers find each other again in the confusing future? Will their relationship survive their evolving understanding of sexuality? Who are The Pilgrims? And did someone say bathhouses?

It's up to Irina and Wolf to protect queer history from those who would try to erase it. Ricochet through time with Irina and Wolf as they explore new eras, new friends, and some wild new positions in Steve Orlando and Giopota's gorgeous new creator-owned comic, SAINTED LOVE.

Content note: This romantic adventure is intended for mature audiences, and contains inclusive scenes of MLM love and romance! Enjoy thrilling science fiction, consensual sex-positive situations, AND homophobic asshats getting punched in the face.

We're funding a beautiful, limited Kickstarter edition of SAINTED LOVE, as well as the bonus materials which capture the full, original vision for this book!

Why a Kickstarter edition? Our job as a publisher is to support our creators' original vision for SAINTED LOVE and to support their work by connecting them with as many readers as possible. Our solution is this special campaign, paired with a fully supported release in the book market--our way of ensuring that we can make this book as gay and sexy as Steve and Gio originally intended AND place it in front of the widest audience we can!

It wouldn't be a real Kickstarter without some amazing rewards!

SAINTED LOVE Uncut is a gorgeous single issue-sized collection of uncensored comics, covers, concepts, and other behind-the-scenes materials from this series' journey from concept to print that will not be available outside of this campaign. As the campaign proceeds, we'll be able to unlock additional bonus materials which will be automatically added to this issue.

The Uncut collection includes the most erotic sequences of Sainted Love drawn AND colored by Giopota, which not be made available in any other format. Also enjoy development sketches, thumbnail galleries, and concept art, plus a special gallery of all of our black-bag cover art and any other guest art unlocked during this campaign.

As for the art? Enjoy the stunning contributions of artists David Talaski (DC Pride, Marvel), Trung Le Nguyen (The Magic Fish), Chris Shehan (The Autumnal, House of Slaughter), Ed Luce (Wuvable Oaf), Vic Regis (Young Men in Love)... and more to come! Stay tuned for upcoming introductions to all of our great collaborators.

Additional rewards include:

  • SAINTED LOVE Pride-themed sticker sheet designed by Giopota
  • SAINTED LOVE collector pin
  • the opportunity to be thanked, by name, in every version of the book
  • any rewards unlocked in via stretch goals

In addition, Steve and Gio are offering extra-special tiers straight from them to you--your chance at a personalized experience from our incredible writer and artist team. Deep-dive into your project or pitch through three customized review sessions with Steve Orlando himself, or indulge in a beautiful historical partner commission from Giopota. These tiers are extremely limited, so make a move while you can!

examples of commissions by the artist of Sainted Love, Giopota. See the FAQ for more info!

Stretch goals? Of course! Check back soon to see what new rewards and add-ons emerge from the sands of time. The more the campaign funds, the more unlocked rewards will be revealed...to have all of these rewards automatically added to your tier, back at or upgrade to the SAINTED LOVE tier or higher.

lawd he flowin'


  • Day 1: You unlocked gold foil on all printed Kickstarter edition books!!

This Kickstarter is meant to support a special edition trade paperback of SAINTED LOVE, but Vault will be releasing single floppy issues of the SAINTED LOVE series to comic book stores beginning in August 2023.

just one of several kinds of fulfillment plans

To make sure that our most passionate backers never feel excluded, we'll be providing backers at the SAINTED LOVE tier (and higher) with the Issues #1-3 digital PDFs as they release in real-time, beginning in Fall 2023. All physical rewards will release on time next year!

Three years ago, Vault Editor-in-Chief Adrian Wassel asked his friend Steve Orlando to pitch a science fiction series. Steve's pitches were grandiose, fantastical, and thrilling, but...what was going to set this comic apart from the rest? If you're familiar with Steve's work, you'll know that the answer is that magic touch that he's best-known for: character-driven intimacy. And so, the conversation evolved--what if this story was also a romance?

Steve Orlando (left) is an Eisner, Ringo, and GLAAD Nominated Writer known for his work on Scarlet Witch, Midnighter, Spider-Man 2099, Virgil, Wonder Woman, and more! Giopota (right) is a queer cartoonist of fantasy and body positive comics, known for his original work Mothersea and the Cornucopia collection. Sainted Love is his very first comic published for US audiences.

Once the idea was solidified, we needed to find the perfect artist. The team struck gold with Giopota, a supremely talented creator with a gorgeous comics style, true artistic warmth, and an eye for beauty in the male form. With the masterful colorist Rosh and experienced letterer Simon Bowland rounding out the team, SAINTED LOVE is a work of art from start to finish.

We're so excited to share Steve's and Gio's vision (and Vault's first time-travel sci-fi series) with all of you.

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