Verse Finale & Return of Webcomic Serialization

Vault Team
Vault Team
Verse Finale & Return of Webcomic Serialization

Vault and creator Sam Beck are thrilled to announce the long-awaited finale of Verse, the beloved YA fantasy graphic novel series, with Verse Book Three: The Song, which will hit store shelves in August 2024. In addition, Verse will make its long awaited return to webcomic serialization at, its original home, starting today.   

“I started Verse off as a webcomic, so you can’t imagine how thrilled I am that it’s finally returning to the web! It’s always been important to me to bring it back to its original form, and I hope it gets everyone excited for the final book in the series. In Verse Book Three, everyone is going to be in for an emotional ride! I’ve put the characters in this series through a lot, but they will have to face their greatest challenges and fears yet. When you immerse yourself in a world for so long, it’s hard to say goodbye, but I know I’m giving this story a satisfying ending.”

Verse is the story of Fife, who lives in a world where magic is feared--only the evil monsters known as Vell are known to use it. But when Fife discovers a young girl with mysterious powers, everything he ever thought he knew is turned on its head. Forging a friendship that will change the course of their society, Fife and Neitya take their first steps on an epic adventure through an unforgettable world. 

In Verse Book 3, we return to our heroes as the monstrous Vel step up their attacks, the last encampments of people find themselves defenseless as their only connection to magic falters. Their sole hope lies in Neitya, the young girl with horns and a mystical gift from the past. Torn between wanting to be free of the burden of destiny and wanting to protect her friends, Neitya is faced with a final, terrible choice: does she destroy magic—both good and bad—once and for all? And what if saving everyone means saying goodbye?

Art by Sam Beck

One of the most celebrated YA fantasy comics of the last decade, Verse has garnered a tremendous amount of praise from critics and creators alike. Legendary cartoonish Faith Erin Hicks said of Verse, “its rich drawings and colours beautifully illustrate a complicated, engaging fantasy world filled with sympathetic characters. I can't wait to learn more about them as their journey continues!” 

Rising star writer Nadia Shammas added, “Sam Beck is a world-building master. You lose yourself in the world of Verse, in its characters, and emotionality reverberates through every lovingly drawn tree, stone, and sword. There is no shortage of things to love, and Beck makes it look effortless. This is the kind of book that I would have been obsessed with as a teen, just truly magnificent fantasy work.”

Verse Book One: The Broken Half, and Verse Book Two: The Second Gate are available now in bookstores and online. Verse Book Three: The Song will be available in the summer of 2024. 

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