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Vault Team

In an industry-shaking move, Vault is making Unnatural Order #1 completely free to retailers.

In an industry-shaking move, Vault is making Unnatural Order #1 completely free to retailers.

Unnatural Order #1 marks the return to comics of legendary writer and MCU screenwriter Christopher Yost, joined by star artist Val Rodrigues. This landmark event is guaranteed to be one of the biggest comic launches of 2023 and Vault, Yost, and Rodrigues want to ensure it’s a windfall event for retailers, too. Unnatural Order blends fantasy, science fiction, and high-stakes action. In ancient Britain an unstoppable evil known only as the Druid plunges the world into an age of horror, fire, and sacrifice. But there is one man even the Druid fears. A soldier from another time, who alone knows the Druid’s secret: this is not how the world is supposed to be.

Unnatural Order #1 comes out in October from Vault Comics,” said writer Christopher Yost. “It’s 30 pages of fantasy/sci-fi/action with a story by me and art by the amazing Val Rodrigues. We’re all very excited about it… I’ve loved comics all my life, but I haven’t had a comic in stores in a while… I was just psyched to be back. And then the gang at Vault ran an idea by me. ‘What if we gave away the first issue to retailers for free?’ I laughed at the obvious joke, because certainly our Corporate Overlords wouldn’t allow that.”

“But this is Vault. They don’t do Corporate Overlords. Vault really wants to do something BIG for the retailers who support all of our work. I don’t pretend to understand the business of it, but they LOVE comics. They love their partners. They want all of us to succeed, to celebrate comics.”

“And so, Unnatural Order #1 comes out in October from Vault Comics… FREE to Retailers.”

It’s no secret that Yost is one of the most successful writers in recent comics history. Before writing billion dollar MCU films like Thor: Ragnarok or quintessential Star Wars hits like The Mandalorian and Rebels, Yost was one of the bestselling comics writers in the business. He wrote hundreds of issues of X-Men, X-Force, and Spider-Man, and co-created the beloved character, X-23, who anchored the acclaimed film Logan.

The standard cover of Unnatural Order #1 will be offered to retailers in free bundles of 25 copies. The issue will retain its $4.99 SRP, and retailers will be free to sell, discount, or freely distribute copies to their customers.

In addition to the standard cover, Vault will offer net-priced, open order premium variants from Tula Lotay and Maria Wolf that are sure to be some of the most in-demand variants of the year.

“Local comic shops are the reason we still have comics,” said Vault CEO, Damian Wassel. “They’re the reason we have an MCU. It’s not just fans, creators, and publishers who are indebted to comic shops, it’s the whole entertainment industry.”

“We know this has been a tougher than expected year for retailers. So, we’re making a game-changing move. We’re taking our biggest book of the year and giving it to you for free. Give it away or sell it. It’s up to you. What do we ask in return? Simple. Make this the best-selling comic of 2023. Get every copy you order in the hands of a customer within a week. And then, heck, maybe we’ll keep up this crazy gambit with all our new comics.”

Retailers can contact for more information. Press contacts should be directed to

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