Happy Pride Month!

Vault Team
Vault Team
Happy Pride Month!

Here at Vault, we're taking time to celebrate this special month by... um...

Alright, we admit it; we're not doing anything different. We're spending this month the same way we spend the rest of the year: putting our unflinching love for our queer selves, creators, and readers into every book we publish.

We've traveled through gay history (and got ourselves into a lot of sexy sci-fi shenanigans) in Sainted Love by Steve Orlando and Gio Pota and a bevy of our favorite queer cover artists. Depraved and addictive horror series Something Crawled Out will be emerging soon from our genderqueer creative team of Son M. and MadCursed. Discerning readers won't want to miss this razor-sharp, ultra-violent mystery! We further explore the bonds of death, life, and feminine love in Dying Inside, the highly-anticipated new book by Pete Wentz, Hannah Klein, and Lisa Sterle. And speaking of sapphic good times, Lilith emerges on the scene this fall. Our banished demoness faces the human world and her most terrifying challenge yet: the cute girl who works at the bookstore. Last but not least, fans of Tim Seeley are already familiar with every sexy permutation found in the pages of Money Shot. If you enjoyed the recent installment, "Money Shot: Comes Again," you're going to go wild when you see what’s next.

But to be completely honest, our gay agenda has a single item on it: continue publishing incredible queer creators and stories 365 days a year. A periodic essay in your inbox is far less meaningful than you being able to visit our catalog at vaultcomics.com and see that, from the start, Vault Comics has always celebrated the wide range of human experiences that make our sci-fi, fantasy, and horror storytelling the best out there.

Thanks for being a vital part of what makes us great, and happy Pride!

— Vault

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